The Revolutionary App for Couples’ Dispute Resolution

What is JudgeUs?

JudgeUs is a new mobile app that transforms how couples resolve disagreements. Our platform uses the collective wisdom of the public to deliver a fair and impartial verdict on any issue. By letting people vote and choose between arguments, we make it easier for couples to reach decisions without endless debates and negotiations.

JudgeUs goes beyond couple dispute resolution! In our exciting JudgeMe and JudgeThem categories, you can tap into the collective wisdom of society to explore intriguing questions about yourself or others. Discover the captivating world of JudgeMe and JudgeThem to broaden your horizons and unravel the mysteries of human connection.

Understand Your Partner

Take control of your relationship

Many couples struggle with communication resolution, and when relationship issues arise, time is often of the essence. However, traditional methods of therapy or counseling can be costly and time-consuming, leaving couples feeling stranded.

Always be willing to

Resolving disputes can be a difficult and emotional process. With an open mind and a willingness to listen to different perspectives you can work together to overcome any challenge and emerge stronger as a team.

Seek for a more human connection

There is a potential for bias, as both partners may be invested in their own positions and may not be able to see the situation from the other. Embrace the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of each other's perspectives through public choices.
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JudgeUs solves these problems by providing an impartial, crowd-sourced decision-making process.

Instead of relying solely on the couple’s own negotiation skills, our app allows them to submit their disputes to a wider audience for a fair and unbiased decision. This takes the emotional burden off the couple and allows both partners to feel heard and understood, and ensures that the final verdict is truly fair and just.

How it Works

Create a Judgy

Easily create a a collaborative post from you and your partner, to express your thoughts and share your dilemmas with our supportive community.

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Post your problem

Share your arguments or dilemmas with our community, and let the collective wisdom of others determine the optimal choice or solution for you. Submit your concerns to JudgeUs, and benefit from the diverse perspectives that will guide you towards the most accurate and effective resolution.


Check the result

Once you vote, take a moment to review the post stats for unbiased public opinion on your situation. These insights can help you gain a fresh perspective, reconsider your points of view, and pave the way towards rediscovering love in your relationship.


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JudgeMe & JudgeThem

Expand the Boundaries of Judgment

Explore two additional categories—JudgeMe and JudgeThem—that harness the same power as JudgeUs, offering solutions to different aspects of life.


Seeking Clarity, Embracing Growth

JudgeMe is a unique category within JudgeUs that invites self-reflection and personal growth. Ask society questions about yourself, seek guidance on life decisions, or gain valuable insights into your own journey.

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Uncover the Untold Stories

With JudgeThem, delve into the fascinating lives and experiences of others. Pose questions about individuals, celebrities, or popular topics, and let society’s voice shine light on their stories.

Few Words From Early Testers

I often see my clients struggle to come to a resolution that works for both of them. This app has been a game-changer in this regard.

Julia Kerry
As someone who struggles with conflict resolution, I was hesitant to try JudgeUs. But it's been amazing. Not only have I been able to resolve issues quickly, but I've also learned a lot from seeing how others approach similar situations.
Laura Pauwels
Happy wife
This app can be a great tool for any couple looking to work through a conflict without involving their friends or family.

Anton Davis
Relationship counsellor

A Better Way to Resolve Disputes in Love

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