JudgeUs Rules

Effective Date:  September 08, 2023

JudgeUs is a friendly and unbiased platform where everyone’s opinions matter, providing a safe space for receiving clear verdicts on relationship questions or personal dilemmas without judgment.

Respect and Empathy
We believe in fostering a community built on respect and empathy. Treat fellow users with kindness, even if you disagree. Remember, we’re all here to help and support one another.

No violence or harmful content
Please refrain from posting any content that promotes violence, gore, or harm to others. Let’s keep it respectful and safe for everyone.

No misleading answers
Honest and straightforward responses contribute to the integrity of our platform. Please provide accurate information and avoid misleading answers.

No pornographic content
Keep the platform clean and respectful by not sharing explicit or pornographic content.

No spamming, manipulation, and multiple account abuse
Avoid spamming the platform, manipulating results, or using multiple accounts.

Privacy and Consent
Respecting privacy and obtaining consent are fundamental. Please refrain from sharing personal or confidential information about others without their permission.

Authenticity is key to meaningful interactions. Be genuine in your questions and responses to create a positive atmosphere.

No personal and confidential information
Keep your personal information private, and avoid sharing confidential details on the platform. Protecting your privacy is important to us.

Respectful Usage
Use JudgeUs respectfully and avoid any form of harassment or disrespectful behavior. We’re here to support one another

Legal Compliance
Ensure that your posts adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Let’s maintain a lawful and respectful environment.

Our dedicated administrators work to enforce these rules for the benefit of our community. Violations may result in actions taken to maintain a safe and respectful environment.