Apps That Help You Decide

The art of making the right choices. These decision-making apps are designed to assist you in making the best choice for any situation.

Decision-making can be tough, whether you’re choosing between pizza and sushi or pondering major life changes. But fear not, because now there’s an app for everything—including making those tough decisions. From spin-the-wheel choices to detailed pros and cons lists, these apps cover a wide range of decision-making strategies to suit your needs. Let’s explore the best decision-making apps out there, including JudgeUs, to help you navigate life’s toughest choices.

1. Spin the Wheel of Fate

Tiny Decisions (iOS)

These apps offer a bizzare take on decision-making, similar to flipping a coin but with a modern twist. Perfect for light-hearted choices like picking dinner with your partner or selecting which movie to watch, these apps bring an element of chance to your decisions.

2. Structured Decision-Making with Protagonist

Protagonist: Decision making (iOS)

For more complex decisions, Protagonist steps in with a robust framework resembling project management tools. It helps users organize and visualize various decision criteria, making it ideal for weighty choices such as hiring or major purchases.

3. r/MakeMyChoice: Let Strangers Make Your Decision

When conventional methods like pros and cons lists or rational arguments fail to lead you to a conclusion, sometimes you just need an outsider’s perspective. Enter r/MakeMyChoice, a subreddit brimming with kind-hearted individuals eager to share the burden of decision-making.

From the mundane to the life-altering, this online community is a haven for those seeking guidance. Simply craft a new post outlining your dilemma, and let fellow Redditors weigh in with their insights and suggestions.

4. Harnessing the Power of Decisionize


Decisionize converts choices into equations, allowing users to visualize the potential outcomes of each decision. By weighing pros and cons against personal goals, Decisionize provides insights into the impact of various choices.

Introducing JudgeUs : Your Trusted Decision Companion

In the realm of decision-making apps, JudgeUs stands out as a beacon of impartiality and clarity. By crowdsourcing opinions and perspectives, JudgeUs empowers users to make informed choices, free from bias and uncertainty. Whether navigating personal dilemmas or resolving disputes, JudgeUs offers a supportive community and valuable insights to guide your decision-making journey.


With an array of decision-making apps at your fingertips, making tough choices has never been easier. From simple coin tosses to comprehensive frameworks, these tools cater to diverse decision-making needs. And with JudgeUs by your side, you can navigate life’s challenges with confidence, knowing that clarity and support are just a tap away. So, embrace the power of choice and let these apps light the way through life’s toughest decisions.


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